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This Local Shop Takes Care of Your Printing Needs in Living Color

If you are looking for high quality service at an affordable price point for all your printing requirements, look no further

We’re already making a beeline to Print Express right away, to experience endless printing options and solutions, loyalty programs with great offers & so much more. Talk about an all rounder!

They call it Bahrain’s print heaven for a reason

There’s a whole professional setup where you have space to do some final touches to your work before you print it, and while you wait, you can enjoy the complimentary espresso. However, if you’re in a hurry, you can always print directly from your phone and get your documents in less than 30 seconds.

Whatever the quantity, the quality is free

Whether it’s in bulk, for business purposes or for a customer’s individual needs, regardless of the quantity, Print Express will provide you with a service that’s of the highest quality. With their art digital machines and equipment, we believe that they will definitely exceed your expectations within the budget you are looking for.

Total Reliability and 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Their friendly staff will deliver unmatched customer service, they provide the greatest value possible. Plus they have paper material that you didn’t even know existed.

So, Print away!!

Head to Print Express for all your printing needs at the most affordable rates. They are located in Hamala Hills opposite The British School of Bahrain. Make sure you check out their Instagram and Facebook page for their latest offers and promos.