Breaking Barriers: Bahraini Space Engineer Designs Next-Gen Satellites for Space Exploration

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Ready to blast off into space with the Bahraini Space Engineer?

A Bahraini space engineer, Yaqoob Khaled, just created a new material that has never been used before in the nanosatellite industry! This material is super strong and lightweight, making it perfect for satellites in space. Also, he even presented his invention at an international conference in Abu Dhabi!

Yaqoob Khaled works for the National Authority for Space Sciences. In addition, he is passionate about space exploration and innovation. He and his team of Bahraini Space Team members worked together to design and test a new material! What’s more, It was made from chemically modified glass fiber. This material is strong enough to withstand harsh space environments! To the point that exceeds other satellite structures currently on the market!

In fact, the results of the mechanical analyses showed that Yaqoob’s innovative structure could withstand various types of vibration! Exceeding 50% of other structures available in the market, which are also made from aluminum. Yaqoob is proud of this achievement and hopes that it will become a part of the list of international efforts in the field of space exploration.

Yaqoob Khaled’s participation in the International Space Operations Conference has opened many perspectives for more scientific research as well as innovative ideas. The Bahrain Space Team is proud to be contributing to the space industry and helping keep the space environment free of debris.

Bahraini space engineer Yaqoob Khaled has set his sights on the stars!

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