Bahrain’s First Credit Card Issuer Is Giving You a Chance to Drive Home a Mercedes Benz

Let’s help you spend BD 1,000!

What could you do with a budget of BD 1000? Buy all your household supplies in bulk? Maybe get a designer suit you’ve always had your eyes on? You could buy a ticket to the Maldives for about BD 200, and take your family out to dinner at a five-star restaurant for BD 100! Now, that’s a cool budget, isn’t it?

Spending has never been this rewarding! And we mean it because, with every BD 1,000 you spend, you get a chance to drive home a Mercedes Benz A-200!

Winning is Easy

Bahrain’s first and leading Credit Card Issuer and Acquirer in the Kingdom of Bahrain, CrediMax is here with its semi-annual Winning is Easy campaign! And it’s designed to reward you if you’re a CrediMax cardholder. For every BD 1,000 spent within or outside of Bahrain, you get a chance to win a Mercedes Benz. And if you’ve spent BD 50, you
could get 500,000 Thameen Points!

This year, CrediMax is going big with its rewards! And that means you get the most out of spending with your CrediMax cards.

So, get spending with CrediMax!