These Hand Painted Abayas Will Have You Looking Like A Masterpiece

*Sponsored by With Love Lulush

Finding abayas that are practical and unique can be very challenging, but With Love Lulush seems to have got us covered – in the most fabulous way.

If you’ve ever wondered who started the whole “hand painted abayas” concept, we’ve got the scoop

These abayas designed and made in Bahrain are straight up masterpieces, and will have you looking like exactly that!!

Lulwa Al Rumaihi is the artist behind these amazing hand painted abayas herself. She is the first to come up with the concept of painted abayas, which has now become very popular, not to mention adopted by so many fashion brands out there!!

Each piece is more vibrant than the other

The designer brings trendy and fashionable silhouettes to the modest pieces, and they look super fashionable AND absolutely elegant.

You can wear these gems whenever, wherever

The pieces are very versatile – they can be worn casually every day or dressed up to be more formal!

The designer even allows the customers to have a hand in creating them – they can be customized from the color to the length so you can get the exact look you want!!

Don’t forget, people, this is where it all started