This Bahrain-Based Jewellery Brand Creates Gorgeous Pieces With a Symbolic Value

Precious, poetic jewellery with a protective & meaningful purpose

Inspired by universal symbols, ancestral tales and the beauty of nature, Virginie Dreyer brought to life jewellery that is truly unique!

She says “My jewellery style reflects my desire for purity, simplicity and beauty”

tinyOm, jewellery for the lifestyle and soul is named after the Om mantra, which celebrates the original vibration of the universe. Each piece spreads this sacred chant as a soft caress on the skin, resonating harmony and inner peace.

The pieces embody centuries-old symbols, providing a link between worldly matters and the poetry of the soul, giving each rare piece its protective nature.

The Chakra Collection is the original tinyOm collection, inspired by the meaning of the seven chakras and their beautiful symbol – the lotus flower.

What are the Chakras?

The chakras are the basic wheels of life, which keep a person’s body, mind and spirit safe. The seven chakras are layered together to form the human body.

Each chakra is connected to unique aspects of our being and knowing what each chakra represents allows us to become fully aware of ourselves and to keep the energy flowing freely.

BUT tinyOm is not just about jewellery. They also have a lifestyle line that includes hand-embroidered cushions, organic candles, mirrors, t-shirts and more.

Have a look at their collection here

Jewellery for the Soul

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