This Bahrain-based Online Store Has Changed Online Shopping In The Kingdom of Bahrain

Connecting more brands to customers all over Bahrain, Homiez Marketplace has made it so much easier to purchase, virtually anything, just from a click of a button!

From the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you’d like, Homiez is a comprehensive e-commerce platform based in the Kingdom since 2019, that provides easy access to daily services and products and delivers to absolutely all of Bahrain. There’s absolutely nothing you can’t buy!

Focused on providing easy access to more than 100,000 different items from 200 online stores, Homiez has made it extremely simple for users to check out everything from electronics to cosmetics, groceries, cakes, sports equipment, baby products, and even services, all on one single platform.

Constantly expanding the availability and variety of goods, Homiez Marketplace continues to bridge the gap between users and vendors, by enhancing their online visibility through the use of innovation and user-friendly technology.

Bringing residences of the Kingdom of Bahrain, convenience as well as the number one retail e-commerce experience on the island, download the application to try it out for yourself now!