Must Haves! Here Are the Top 10 Bahrain-based Apps That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Must Haves!

There are a couple of super convenient applications we have here in Bahrain, we honestly want to thank the makers for making our lives easy! At this point, it seems a bit difficult to imagine life without them! So if you’re a newbie in Bahrain or looking to make the most of tech, we have some super useful Bahrain-based apps you need to download on your phones!


SADAD App is by far one of the most useful applications, pay all your bills from the comfort of your home with just a click of a button!
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BFC Pay App

Paying bills, sending money abroad and a whole lot of benefits come with BFC Pay App!
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Raseed Invest

If you’re looking to invest in stock markets, Raseed Invest is THE app you need on your phone! Easily invest, spare the hassle, make halal investments and join the community of financially empowered youth!
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Okay, wait first appreciate the cutest Savur mascot in town! Guys get this app ASAP (if you don’t already!) Get special discounts on restaurants, cafes, salons, and even dentists!
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Sam App

Sam App is Bahrain’s first online classifieds portal that’s making it super easy to buy and sell online! Sell the stuff you longer need and buy all that you want!
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Shop away with the coolest app in town for all your grocery needs!
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Hand down THE best app we have is BenefitPay! Needs no intro, right?


Oh hey there! talabat needs no introduction whatsoever! Let’s order lunch y’all!


What a great application! Super helpful! Get medical help from highly experienced doctors through the app.
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Students where are you at? Unipal is what you need like ASAP!
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Which one’s your absolute fave?

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