Kickstart Your NFT Journey With the Team of Bahrainees

NFTs are taking over the world, and there seems to be no stopping them. Non Fungible tokens have so far this year accumulated millions in sales, outperforming classic art sales by quite a lot. And the trend seems to have hit Bahrain too! ‘Bahrainees’ is a collection of NFTs by Palm Crypto and what’s cool about this is that the collection represents Bahrain!

So basically, Bahrainees is a collection of 973 NFTs building a blockchain ecosystem called “The Island” inspired by our very own Kingdom! Bahrainees NFT come with a variety of use cases, such as staking NFTs on ‘The Farm’ and earning $PALM in return. The staking farm provides all the farming equipment your Bahrainees will need! Simply drop your Bahrainees and begin harvesting $PALM.

Let’s talk about The Island’s ecosystem!
The Farm is the place where you can stake your Bahrainees and earn $PALM Token.
The Harbor is a launchpad for new NFT collections where creators, artists, and organizations can presale or release their projects. Launchpads can help creators to raise funds to build and launch their projects in a safe environment. 
The Raffle is where you can spend some of your $PALM to participate in draws and get a chance to win NFTs or other valuables. 
The Auction is where you can bid on various NFTs using $PALM, works as a real auction!
Laboratory (scientific experiments, more to be revealed soon) and Marketplace (buying/selling NFTs using $PALM & SOL, more to be revealed soon)

Super cool right? To know more and kickstart your NFT journey, check out the team of Bahrainees here. You can also join their discord to be part of the Bahrainees community!

The game changers!

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