This Is The Most Credit Transfer Friendly University In Bahrain

Thinking of transferring to another university this spring? This one’s for you!

If you haven’t heard already, AUBH is the newest University in the Kingdom. If you’re looking for an authentic, quality, American-style experience, on a really cool, lively campus, right here in Bahrain, with an option to study in California State University, Northridge, in Los Angeles (California here we come!), then this is the University you want to enroll in!


AUBH allows you to transfer your credits whether you’re currently studying in Bahrain or abroad!

With Covid-19, AUBH Students also get to decide between attending on campus and online, so they basically manage their time on their own terms! You want to stay at home one day and go to campus the next? The choice is yours!

So current University students; if you’re tired of online learning, feel like you’re missing out on campus life, and thinking of transferring, you will also be happy to know that the American University of Bahrain has one of the most credit transfer friendly policies out there!

The process is super simple, too!

  • Fill out the online application and specify that you’re a transfer student
  • You’ll be contacted by the Admissions team to arrange for a meeting to get to know you! Yes, AUBH is interested in meeting all of its applicants to understand their goals and aspirations! They will also ask you for your documents like previous grades and course descriptions. (Don’t forget about the descriptions – you’ll be needing them!)
  • AUBH goes through your application, they respond with the credit hours which can be transferred, and voila, you enroll and enjoy a unique University experience!

Very friendly AUBH staff will welcome you for on-campus visits during which you can discover the University, and ask all the questions you want! Book your tour and start applying – the deadline for applications for the spring semester is January 28th!!

And that’s it, people!

Happy applying and good luck!