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This Spot Serves The Only Ice Cream You Need On The Island

Florencia Ice Cream is the newest Gelato shop in town and it has set the bar

The small shop in Janabiya Sqare is absolutely charming, and when you enter you’re immediately hit with the delicious smell of their freshly made waffle cones!!

It might just be our favorite scent, tbh

Not to mention their actual ice cream which is so creamy and intense in flavor. They have a HUGE selection of flavors to suit any single one of your moods!!

And we NEEED all of them!!

Tip: try the Super Chocolate if you’re a chocolate lover – no regrets. Or the passion fruit. Or their bonbons – basically, what we’re saying is: you should try every single flavor in the shop.

And another thing, all their gelatos are made from scratch, every single day, in house!

No artificial flavors, no coloring, and absolutely no way to go wrong with this one.

Visit Florencia in Janabiya or call 34007233 to order

*sponsored by Florencia Ice-cream