Transfer Money to Your Loved Ones Through the BFC Pay App & Get a Chance to Win 100% Cashback!

Send money to your loved ones in a heartbeat with the BFC Pay App!

BFC has come up with a safe, convenient, and hassle-free method to transfer money to your family and friends in over 200 countries anytime, anywhere. The BFC Pay App allows you to instantly transfer money from the comfort of your home and also gives you great rates for international money transfers.

It is a Super App that brings digital wallet, remittance, and bill payments to a single customer experience. Registration to the App takes just 3 minutes and all you have to share is a selfie and your CPR! And now you win 100% cashback on your international transfers!

BFC has launched a 100% cashback offer on the App. This would mean that you could win the same amount you send on every international transaction. The best part of it all is that it is not a one-time thing guys! They will be announcing 8 lucky winners every week.

Reach beyond borders and be there for those you love! Offer lasts till the 2nd of October.
*T&C apply

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