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You Can Get The Best Of Both Worlds At This Spot: Great Food & Culture

Where food and culture meet

And let us tell you, it’s the finest fusion. Darseen is nestled into the Bahrain National Museum, which already tells us something about the vibes we’re about to get here.

And in terms of atmosphere, it’s absolutely perfect for having amazing food – you can even take your laptop there and get some work done!

Just look at this spread!

Locally sourced, handpicked ingredients to serve you the freshest dishes out there

Darseen follows this mission to handpick its ingredients everyday, ensuring that the dishes they serve us are only of top quality and the freshest they can possibly be!

Darseen sometimes hosts events or workshops at the restaurant, elevating the whole experience to more than just dining out!!

Their ongoing event is SUPER COOL – they have a new menu that is made in collaboration with the museum’s on going Islamic Arts Exhibit. The dishes on the menu are inspired by different countries (you can view the full menu here).

Think we’ve got all the reasons we need to go, right here!


*Sponsored by Darseen