Bahrain Wins First Gold at Asian Weightlifting Championship

Bahrain first golf medal in Asian Weightlifting Championship

Bahrain just won its first gold medal in the Asian Weightlifting Championship!

Lesman Paredes secured 1st place bringing home Bahrain’s first gold medal in 2022. During the 96KG games, he snatched 182KG, & his clean & jerk was 215KG, with a total of 397KG. He was also the only player that completed each of his lifts successfully without failing. What a champ!

Take a look at Paredes’ amazing lift

His training was on point 

Although most of his training was in Colombia in preparation for the championship, he came by for a pre-tournament training camp with his coach Leddy Zuluaga, mother of one of the best young lifters in Colombia. 

Bahrain’s first time hosting the Asian Weightlifting. Championship

Within the span of three months, Bahrain successfully hosted its first Asian Weightlifting Championship and made its mark in the sport, all while winning its first championship. 

Congratulations Bahrain 🥳👏🏼

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