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There’s A Bee-utiful Art Installation At Bahrain Fort And They Make Good Backdrops For Your Instagram Photos

If you’ve ever visited Qal’aat Al Bahrain (Bahrain Fort) you may have spotted these giant bees standing outside the Museum on-site.

These bees are a local symbol and a bonus on a trip to see Bahrain Fort as you get an epic photo backdrop out of it!

The entire site is beautiful, and you can get a rich history lesson firsthand on Bahrain dating back from the 16th century. Qal’at Al Bahrain, also known as Bahrain Fort, is a UNESCO world heritage archaeological site and it’s an absolutely incredible experience to walk around someplace that was created over centuries by its occupants from 2300 BC to the 18th century.

An interesting historical fact for you about Bahrain is that the island was once the center of the Dilmun Civilization, which is mentioned in ancient texts dating back from the Bronze Age, which was about 6,000 years ago! Dilmun was an important trading center, controlling the Persian Gulf trading routes and a huge part of Bahrain’s culture. There’s even an Art Exhibition going on right now that you can check out and the theme is “Dilmun: Land of Density”.

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Apart from the hornets installation, Bahrain Fort is a must-see site to check out while in Bahrain. Definitely put it on your bucket list and walk around the remains of a 16th-century site.

You can walk around the fort, check out the archways, the staircases inside, excavation sites, as well as the museum, to get a history lesson about Bahrain Fort.

The museum has 5 exhibition halls including 500 artifacts showcased that were excavated over the past 50+ years, a seaside cafe to enjoy a stunning view of the fort and surrounding palm trees. The museum is open from 8 AM to 8 PM daily.