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You Can Eat Traditional Bahraini Breakfast Inside A Castle At This Spot

Traditional Bahraini Breakfast Inside A Castle

If you want to experience traditional Bahraini food then SAFFRON by Jena is THE place to be.

Created by a passionate chef Narise Qambar, who’s known from her televised appearances giving lessons on Bahraini dishes, and for opening this gem of a restaurant, of course.

SAFFRON by Jena is award-winning for the contemporary twist on traditional cuisine and for highlighting Bahrain’s heritage as well as for the scenic locations.

Three distinctive branches are located in Bahraini national sites, inside traditional houses in Bab al Bahrain, Souq al Qaseriya and the Sheikh Salman Bin Ahmed Al Fateh Fort in Riffa, where you can dine inside a stone castle and watch over ancient forts.

Bahrain is rich in cultural history and the food is influenced by regions like Iran, India, Britain, and Portugal to name a few.

Taste the fusion of cultures by ordering the Saffron Royal Breakfast that includes balaleet (sweet vermicelli topped with eggs), egg tomato, hamsat nikhi (fried chickpeas), foule (mashed beans), luba (kidney beans), zinjibari (fried pastry filled with cheese), kebab roll, and mihywa (roti-like bread spread with fish sauce).

Order Karak Tea…

or a Rose Milk Tea to drink like a Bahraini

and try the Safi Fish & Rice or Machboos Rice to enjoy any time of the day.

The SAFFRON by Jena kitchen makes the most incredible desserts, so make sure you make room for Mahalabiya, Rose Falooda, Date cake with Toffee Sauce or a Mango Trifle. There are lots of sweets to try!

Don’t miss out while in Bahrain, check out SAFFRON by Jena!