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If You’re in the Mood to Shop in Your PJ’s, This Is the Online Shopping App You Need

Seems like an ‘add to cart’ kinda day

Online shopping! It’s made our lives so much easier, we barely know what it feels like to go to places like supermarkets… InstaShop is the largest online grocery app in the Middle East that brings a seamless shopping experience right to your doorstep. Not only do they operate in Bahrain, but they’re rapidly growing in the UAE, Egypt, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Greece, and Qatar as well. You now have access to supermarkets, pharmacies, beauty & cosmetics, fitness and so much more – all on one single app!


And if that didn’t already sound amazing, keep reading because we have 5 reasons why this is THE online shopping app for you.

Convenience at your doorstep

Imagine coming home from a long, hard day only to find out you’re out of coffee… Exactly! Just InstaShop it.

Saves time and the hassle of finding that matching face mask

It’s literally just 1, 2, 3 and tap! Download – log in – place your order and, voila! 60 minutes later, your order arrives at your door.

Shop at the comfort of your own home

Don’t all therapy sessions happen on the couch? Isn’t shopping, after all, retail therapy?

It’s a family – friendly app

Whether you want to pamper your pet with toys & treats or just buy groceries on a lazy, busy day! You don’t have to go to the supermarket, ’cause InstaShop is basically right there in your pocket.

Let the shopping spree begin!

InstaShop literally has it all, from groceries to cosmetics to pharmacies – even pet care! Their user-friendly interface and quick service makes everything entirely hassle-free. Not only that, but there are plenty of brands to choose from – Marks & Spencer, Kiko, Paul and even Pet Arabia! Leaving you spoiled for choice within the comfort of your home.

So… what are you waiting for?

Click HERE and InstaShop now!