There’s An Epic Secret Party Happening In Bahrain But You’ll Have To Clean Up A Beach To Get An Invite

Coexist nights is an art collective based in Bahrain that specializes in creating unforgettable moments around Art, music, and lights for the community.

They are hosting a beach cleanup at Nurana Islands on the 21st of February which is a great way to get together country-wide to take part in an amazing common cause and help out the environment. There will also be a ‘desert lounge’, art, and live DJ sets to keep you entertained. At this clean-up, you can get a virtual coin that’ll grant you access to an upcoming exclusive party at a secret location on March 13 from 7 PM – 4 AM. You don’t want to miss this party!

To learn more about the Beach Clean Up click here.

WHERE: Nurana Islands
February 21, 2020
11 AM – 5 PM
Free Entry
Join the community to participate in a common cause – cleaning up the region’s environment, and snag a virtual token for the upcoming secret party!