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10 Thing To Do If You’re Staying In This Weekend: Jan 28-30

There are a bunch of things to do this weekend but here are a few options if you’re opting to stay safe and spend it IN!!

Scroll through to check out all the chill options we’ve found for you:

Get your hands dirty looking for some pearls

You can order a whole bucket of pearl oysters from this accounts (and shuckers too) and go treasure hunting in the comfort of your own house! Did we mention it’s just 8 BD for the whole bucket?

Get some delicious brisket

Black Cat BBQ has some the most delicious BBQ around Bahrain and it comes in a group portion! You have to order in advance and pick it up personally and trust us, it’ worth it!

Or have your own family BBQ

Burger Land’s barbeque boxes are a classic at this point and perfect for a winter night with the fam!

Try your hand at gourmet Italian cooking

Sugo is a local shop in Janbiyah Square that offers some of the best gourmet Italian ingredients, from fresh pasta they make themselves to in house to sauces and even burrata cheese! The perfect trifecta for some good home cooking. Did we mention they deliver? (click HERE to order)

Or make breakfast at home with Mockingbird

The Mockingbird has some great boxes if you’re looking to make cooking breakfast a little easier for yourself!

Order in some comfort food

Check out our list of Thai spots to order from if you’re looking to just kick back and warm up with some comfort food! (click HERE)

Spend it all (online)

ASOS is having a final 80% off clearance sale going on right now which is always a great excuse to shop (not that we need one…)

Have a binge sesh on Netflix

We’ve compiled a list of exciting new releases on Netflix in January (click HERE for the article)

Or you can check out their new movie coming out Friday

Get into family arguments while playing cards

Check out our list of card games you can play while staying in this weekend – or anytime, really. (click HERE for the article)

Or hook this game on your TV for some scandalous fun

Jackbox has some of the most entertaining games, we couldn’t recommend it enough!! You can buy their single games or one of their game packs to download on any device (Click HERE). If you’re just starting out we recommend Quiplash!

WARNING: some games are not fully PG but can be adjusted in settings.

Stay safe & happy weekending!

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10 Things To Do This Weekend: January 28-30