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5 Local Spots for Summer Drinks to Beat the Heat

It’s getting hot out here

And we’re constantly trying to find ways to stay hydrated – and refreshed!! These local spots will make sure to keep you staying ahead of that summer sun, and your skin’s gonna thank you for sure!

Costa Coffee

Costa’s a staple for pretty much any coffee addict, and you know we’re down for that iced iced coffee in the middle of 50 degree weather!

Sash Cafe

At Sash Cafe, you can opt for summer drinks (we’re talking blueberry lemonade, guys), or iced coffee selections!

Fresh Superfood Cafe

Fresh Superfood Cafe’s our personal fave – and their Purple Passion package is gonna have you feeling 100% in no time.

The Knot

The ice. The pool. The blue. The cold cold water and the chilled cans. Do we need to really go on?

Roast Bahrain

All the summer smoothies and slushies you’d need, in all the most refreshing (and delicious) flavors! These are available at all Roast branches in Bahrain.

We hope this helps!

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أفضل 5 أماكن يقدمون مشروبات تبرد على القلب

الحار صاير مب طبيعي وصج محتاجين مشروبات منعشة وتروي.، ومن جذي حطينا لكم قائمة بأفضل الأماكن الي عندهم مشروبات لذيذة وباردة. جيكوا القائمة تحت:

كوستا كوفي

ساش كافيه

فريش سوبر فود كافيه

ذا نوت

روست البحرين

نتمنى تستمتعون بالقائمة وتبردون على قلبكم!