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A First in Bahrain? This App Is Delivering Our Fave Dishes in Style

Did anyone ever deliver your food with moving Italian flair?

Probably not, but this app will – the latest one that’s on the verge of taking Bahrain by storm. DINE IN MENA, a Bahraini start-up with a global team, is a restaurant delivery app that was made by restaurateurs, for restaurateurs – getting you your meals in style! We’re talking about some of our fave restaurants – you’ll find Angelina, Calexico, The Orangery, SASSO, Nomad & many more, all delivering our fave meals through the DINE IN app!!

Like we mentioned, the app is made by restaurateurs for restaurateurs. Which means you’re getting the same quality of meals that you’d expect at the very restaurants that you’re used to dining at – this time from the comfort of your home!

You’ve got 5-star staff making sure you’re getting the best of the best

Curating our entire customer experience in just three simple steps:

  1. Select your restaurant
  2. Request whatever you need (special instructions)
  3. Dine in – right at home!

We’re getting access to premium restaurants directly on the app, with Grade A presentation when the food gets to your home! Everything about the service screams 5-STAR.

And for all you restaurateurs…

If you’re looking to make your business more accessible to your customers, this is the right platform for you. Their fast & supportive service is literally a bonus to both you and your customer’s experience. Plus, their rates are unbeatable with absolutely no sign-up fee.

You’ll find their Waiters on Wheels delivering on Vespas & you won’t be able to resist taking a photo

It’s not just about the Vespas, though – a lot of professional equipment is being used for delivery to ensure that you’re getting the best quality food AND service.

Download the DINE IN app HERE, to discover its exclusivity for yourself.