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A Taste of the Mountains to Help You Stay Hydrated

This is your reminder to drink more water

We know not all water tastes the same and that’s because of where the water comes from and what goes into its bottling process. Well, we found one such company in Bahrain which brings us the taste of untouched mountain water! Time to open a bottle of nature?

Maya Water BH is naturally filtered and mineralised and originates from the Macedonian mountains and we think it tastes a little bit like what heaven might. The area is abundant with untainted springs and wells, reason why their water has its own uniqueness. The award-winning water bottling plant is equipped with state-of-the-art production technology to ensure that the purity of every water bottle is maintained.

Drinking water itself has so many benefits, now imagine drinking water straight from the mountains. Your body will thank you for it! Maya Water has a number of health-related benefits, reducing tiredness being one of them and that is something we definitely need.

P.S. Free delivery is available if you order more than 3 packs!