There’s a Super Full Moon Tonight & You Can See It in Bahrain

Right photo credit: @sgodiyal94 on Instagram

Back with another moon sighting

And this one is showing up in tonight’s skies!! Now, we’ve heard of both a super moon and a full moon, so you may be wondering what makes a blood moon any different. Essentially, it’s not all that different…

Basically, when the moon gets eclipsed, the light turns it to a muddy red color, and that’s why it’s called a blood moon.

While tonight’s moon is technically a blood moon, the eclipse won’t be visible over Bahrain, so we’re going to see a supersized full moon without the spooky red tint.

Since it’s supersized, you don’t need any special equipment to see it – just step outside and watch the moon do its thing! For a beautiful view though, we’d suggest Bahrain Bay for its sparkling waters.

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