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10 Local Artists Who Should Be On Your Radar

Our local Da Vincis

Bahrain’s always been on point with all things culture, but did you know how many incredible artists we’ve got on the island? This list will get you shook.

Zayn al Qahtani

Could we really do a feature on local art without her? We think not. Zayn’s a multidisciplinary artist who wants to create visual poems with her work. She also recently curated the very first art show in the Middle East revolving around mental health called ‘Safer Spaces’.

Lissandra Paul

Currently a student at the Milan Art Institute, Lissandra’s art ranges from portraits to plants to animals! Talk about variety!

Payal Sinha

Payal’s page, The Simply Aesthetic, showcases just that – colourful mandalas, nature, and a whole lot of flowers! We can’t even imagine the amount of time and patience it takes to make one single piece – but she takes classes too!

Magnanimous by Layan

Layan’s artwork is meant to evoke psychedelic scenes from a different universe, and we’re really vibing with it.

Maryam Al Qassab

This 17 year old artist is making waves with her super-realistic masterpieces.

Irina Kotova

Irina Kotova’s art is full of serene imagery inspired by local settings – and it’s such a pleasure to look at!

Rashida Akber

Rashida’s artwork moves between graphite, woodwork, and painting – and we’re obsessed!

Maryam Nass

Maryam’s work delves deep into abstract scenes – and they’re absolutely stunning.

Fatima al Sabbagh

Another abstract artist, Fatima experiments with different media – acrylic, resin, and so much more!

Zain Alkooheji

This local artist has previously had her work featured by London’s Saatchi Gallery, and we can see why!

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