Bahrain Is Investing In France Football And Now Owns 20% Stake Club Paris FC

Football is a huge sport in the Middle East and Europe, which makes sense for these big moves to happen! Bahrain now has a minority investment in the French football club Paris FC which will serve as a double-ended goal for both countries.

The club’s fund from Bahrain makes them the main sponsor of the league and will aim to increase Bahrain’s image and reputation. The partnership also brings in the team’s support to Bahrain in terms of the development of training couches and young players in Bahrain.

Finally, all those french classes we took in school will be put to good use to welcome french tourists!

Paris FC is aiming to compete in the top tier of French football, elevating the men’s and women’s teams to be the best in the country with the fund increase that comes with Bahrain’s investment.

The excitement is real!

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