Bahraini Rituals On That One Cloudy Day Of The Year

It’s raining today, which means all these rituals are out in full-swing. We don’t know why all Bahrainis have to do these things, all we know is that they’re a thing! Scroll to check them out:

Post about it everywhere ASAP

As soon as we try to scroll on any social media platform, all we see is rain and clouds…

Say “il jaw Landany”

We must be the only nation that gets excited for grey skies – if only the British knew how much time we spend longing for their weather…

Bring out the winter outfit you’ve saved for the ONE cold & rainy day of the year

And automatically get the comment that we’re scaring away the winter, but it’s not our fault that it’s the only time we can put these clothes to use!

Getting a hot drink from Starbucks just to really feel it

We’re all about the iced drinks over here, the double shot iced shaken has to be one of our national drinks at this point. But as soon as it get’s a little cold, it’s all about those hot drinks!! #toffeenutlatte in the red cup.

All the tiger-printed baranee9 come out

Or even the flower-printed ones, it all depends on what your mom bought like 10 years ago.

Wouldn’t be Bahrain if we did it any other way!

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