Calling Designers! Check Out This Website for Over 150 Hi-Res Logos of Official Bahraini Organizations

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Ever needed a Bahraini logo in hi-res & couldn’t find it?

We’ve all been there at least once in our lives! Whether you’ve needed a logo for a research paper or a design, chances are you spent some time looking for one in high res! Worry no more, Yonis Attiya just made all our lives way easier!

Yonis Attiya is a Visual Design and Post Production Director, and the founder of @limefish! He created this amazing website with over 100 high-res local logos of official entities in Bahrain for all your design needs (or research papers!).

The logos are available as vectors in downloadable pdf files!

Now, you’ll never get lost in a rabbit hole looking for that one logo! Check out the website here:

Thank you Yonis for making our lives easier!

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