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From Riyadh to Bahrain! Azeema Art Exhibition Opens its Doors and It’s So Worth a Visit

From Riyadh to Bahrain! “Azeema,” is a captivating exhibition featuring twelve awesome artworks by ten talented Saudi and Khaleeji artists. Get ready to explore how societies give a modern twist to their age-old traditions at this mesmerizing showcase.

Hosted by the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities at the Art Center, Bahrain, this exhibition opened its doors on September 14, 2023. You definitely don’t want to miss this! But what exactly is “Azeema”? Well, it’s not just a word; it’s a vibrant social event, a feast that brings Khaleeji societies together. It’s a celebration of unity, where family, friends, and extended relations come together to honor historical and cultural traditions.

With photography, sculptures, and installations, these ten brilliant artists will take you on a visual journey, immersing you in their unique interpretations of Azeema.

So, who are the talented artists behind this exhibition? Here’s the lineup: Aisha Alsowaidi, Bader Albalawi, Elham AlDawsari, Ishaq Madan, Khalid AlBanna, Mashael Alsaie, Noura AlSerkal, Saad AlHowede, Shatha Alhusseini, and Tasneem AlSultan.

Make your way to the Art Centre in Bahrain from September 14 to 23, 2023. For more details make sure to follow on Instagram!

Get ready to be inspired!

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