11-Year-Old Bahraini, Ammar Almahari, Wins 1st Place at Kaust Youth Championship in Jeddah!

Ammar Almahari, has done it again, securing his fifth consecutive victory in the KAUST Youth Championship in Jeddah. With the Saudi Climbing and Hiking Federation cheering him on, Ammar showed the competition who’s boss in Bahrain, Kuwait, Sharqiya, and now Jeddah.

Ammar’s passion for the sport shines brighter than ever, fueled by his hard work, unwavering determination, and non-stop training. And let’s not forget his incredible support system—big shoutout to his amazing parents

Ali Al-Awadhi his coach from “The Crag” deserves a round of applause for nurturing Ammar’s talent and helping him reach new heights.
The 2023 KAUST Arab Youth Championship in Jeddah is just another shiny trophy in Ammar Almahari’s rapidly growing collection. We can’t wait to see what this climbing sensation conquers next!

Congratulations Ammar!

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