Money Talks! Benefit Records Transactions Worth Over BD 14 Million in the First Half of 2023

BenefitPay is an app that allows users to pay and transfer funds only by using their smart devices in Bahrain in a fast, secure, and convenient manner. AND WE USE IT FOR EVERYTHING.

Benefit Pay is the ultimate go-to app for all your financial needs in Bahrain. And they just dropped some of the stats! Brace yourselves for the numbers. In the first half of 2023, Benefit Pay recorded 161.9 million transactions, this includes all your transfer services (Fawrii, Fawrii Plus, and Fawateer). These transactions added up to a value of over 14 billion dinars. And guess what? That’s a 42.4% increase from last year! 

It makes sense since it’s literally the app we can’t live without guys. And we’re sure 90% of those transactions go for our daily karak fix alone!

Tap & go!

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