Here’s a List of 5 Bahrain-based Apps You Might Find Useful

Must Haves!

There are a couple of super convenient applications we have here in Bahrain – making our lives super easy! So if you’re a newbie in Bahrain or looking to make the most of tech, we have some super useful Bahrain-based apps that you might find super helpful!


Sellou is a location-focused social media app that revolutionizes online shopping. It allows users to easily sell items by simply taking a picture with their phone’s camera. From home goods to unique products, Sellou connects sellers with a global customer base, providing a brand-new revenue stream. Users can also explore and purchase products from around the world, making online shopping more engaging and accessible.

Talabat Pro

‘Talabat pro’ or TPRO gives its members unlimited free delivery from a wide selection of loved food brands! From participating restaurants, as well as from Talabat Mart. It’s a must-have and the subscription starts from BD2.5 a month or BD24 a year. Save big on those delivery fees!


Autobay is a revolutionary app designed to provide users with a seamless and hassle-free experience when it comes to booking car repair and maintenance services. With Autobay, you can easily browse through a wide range of services and prices offered by trusted and certified car service centers near you, ensuring that your beloved vehicles receive the highest quality care. Here are some of the services you can book through Autobay, Car spa, car wash, periodic maintenance, and more!

The Laundry House

The Laundry House app simply takes care of that task for you with a simple tap on your phone!


The KISWA application promises you to make full use of your old and extra clothes. You can donate all those clothes you don’t need and your clothes go to families in need through charities that cooperate with KISWA in countries: (like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait).

Which one’s your absolute fave?

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