Get To Know Some Bahraini OG’s

Hajj Youssef bin Hassan Al-Bairmi

The late water bucket maker was born in Buri village in the year 1890! He was famous in Bahrain for making water buckets made out of bull skin, that were used to draw water out of village wells. He became very known in Bahrain for making them until he moved on to work as a farmer and later on as a businessman. He sadly passed away in 1980 at the ripe old age of 90.

image via aljareesh instagram

Hajj Radhi Ahmed Maatouq

The late Haji Radhi Ahmed was from Al-Naim area and was a shipbuilder responsible for binding together traditional Bahraini ships, and you can see him doing his thing in the picture below! He used specific methods to prevent the ships from leaking.

image via aljareesh instagram

Hajj Abdullah Al-Durazi

From the village of Al-Duraz he used to work as a sailor and was known for making traditional fishing traps. He was one of the best in Bahrain at doing it. Just look at him go!

image via aljareesh instagram

Ali Al-Aghtam

This unique color-corrected image of one of Bahrain’s most prominent traditional Arabic Dala (traditional coffee pot) makers Ali Al-Aghtam was taken while he was practicing his craft at his shop in Manama.

image via bahrainvintage instagram

Its always amazing to go down memory lane and discover old school jobs and unique characters from the past, time moves on fast and certain traditions are no longer with us, but their special place in our hearts will always remain the same.

Let us know if you have memories of someone special!


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Source: Aljareesh and bahrainvintage Instagram accounts