Great News: Bahrain Has Officially Hit The 300k Vaccination Benchmark

Vaccination efforts are going strong in the kingdom

The Ministry of Health put out their stats for the 1st of March, and with it comes the news that we’ve hit 301103 people to receive at least their first dose of the vaccine! We’ve also reached over 3 million PCR tests conducted since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yesterday, the Ministry announced that they’re ramping up efforts with 300 thousand additional doses planned to be administered in the coming month!

Bahraini citizens and residents will be able to get vaccinated for free by signing up on the BeAware application or on

Ok, you know what we’re about to say at this point right?

Get vaccinated, guys!

Bahrain Is Gearing Up Vaccinations With 300K Additional Doses In March Alone

Update: You Can Now Choose A Second Preference Vaccine On The BeAware App

Pregnant And Breastfeeding Women Can Now Sign Up To Get Vaccinated In Bahrain