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We Asked You What Your Fave Dessert Spot In Bahrain Was & Here Are The Top 10

Another one

Like, x10 at this point. Another week, another cravings list. This week’s poll? All the best desserts Bahrain has to offer – compiled in one delicious list! Scroll below to discover all the sweet stuff.

Cafe Lilou

By default: Cafe Lilou, of course. It just wouldn’t be right if Lilou’s doesn’t top a dessert list, and we saw that you guys all agree!


A GCC-based gem that blessed us with its opening a few months ago, and our taste buds haven’t been less than satisfied ever since. The newest on the menu is this “Break Me” cake that overflows with chocolate goodness. Don’t forget the “Baby Dynamites” – bitesized popsicles that come with their very own chocolate sauce for dipping, and they are all we really need right now…

Kane Mochi

Best mochi on the island alert!!! Kane Mochi has flavors to drool over, and they keep coming up with the yummiest additions to the menu!!! They’ve even got Taiyaki ice cream on the menu, along with the softest ice cream buns you all need to try. Our mochi picks: Salted Caramel, Passion Fruit and the classic French Vanilla.

Red Croissant Bakery

A family business that’s honestly taking Bahrain by a storm. Red Croissant Bakery is known for its, well croissants, and the most unique baked goods you’ll come across on the island!! Their mini donuts are favorited by literally everyone who tries them, and how fast they sell out only goes to show how delicious they are.


Another Kuwaiti gem that opened up in Bahrain over at Juffair Square. Aside from the breathtaking interiors, exterior seating and overall vibes of the cafe, MUH has the most delicious-looking desserts that everyone has been running after.


Some throwback desserts waiting for you at this local gem right here. Milkd has some of the most fun-looking soft serve concepts out here, and many of you have called them out as your fave!! We obviously know it’s the sun cola and fish cones calling out to you locals…

Coco Dip

Is it safe to say that this one is a classic? Coco Dip always comes through with the loaded chocolate desserts, so you’ll never feel like anything is ever ‘missing.’

Woodbury & Co. Cafe

Another local gem preparing chocolate covered/filled desserts. A go-to if you’re into the maximilist-chocolate-overdose desserts. Which, I mean, who isn’t?

Crumbles Bakery

Not only does Crumbles have some of the best cronuts on the menu, but they don’t just serve the smaller dessert options. They can have you covered with a full cake and dessert display for your next gathering, party of even wedding. And, obviously, everything is delicious!!

The Orangery

The Orangery is one of the CLASSIC spots in Bahrain by now. If you haven’t been there yet, we’re not sure what you’ve been waiting for but you just gotta GO. They’ve got a whole setup for afternoon tea ft. an entire dessert tower, and their Saffron Cardamom french toast is a must try, hands down.

Are we about to skip every meal of the day and order a feast of desserts today? Maybe. Just Maybe.

Just kidding. We’re having our meals PLUS desserts along with each. *Don’t try this at home*

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