Great News: Bahrain Is Projected to Reach Herd Immunity Four Months From Now

Last night, The National Medical Taskforce for Combating the Coronavirus issued directives to go into effect starting the first day of Eid. There have been some updates regarding public services and who can access them, and the MOH has stated that only those who have been COVID-19 vaccinated or recovered will be allowed to dine indoors, attend sports events, access indoor gyms, spas or even go to the cinema – which will be up and running from the first day of Eid.

Keep in mind, anyone who’s below 18 will still be allowed access to the above, as long as they’re accompanied by a vaccinated parent or guardian.

It is also projected that Bahrain will reach herd immunity only 4 months from now, as the global COVID-19 tracker shows. Bloomberg has stated:

In Bahrain, the latest vaccination rate is 12,826 doses per day, on average. At this pace, it will take another 4 months to cover 75% of the population.

Bloomberg – Click HERE

To put it into perspective, there’ve been 689 million vaccine shots given worldwide

And over 800k in Bahrain alone – nearing a million pretty soon! With an average of about 12.8k doses administered on the daily, it’s only a matter of weeks before most of the residents and citizens of our Kingdom – 75%, to be exact – are fully vaccinated.

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