Great News: Half a Million Residents & Citizens in Bahrain Have Officially Received Both Doses of the Vaccine

It’s official! The Ministry of Health announced last night that over half a million residents and citizens have received the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and have surpassed the 2-week period after the dose – this means that 44% of the eligible population has been fully vaccinated and immunized at this point!

This goes in line with the ‘herd immunity’ that Bahrain is projected to reach soon, and the MOH has expressed that this proves how aware Bahraini residents and citizens are! The MOH has stated that the efficacy of the multiple vaccines offered in the Kingdom is proven to be high. So, the higher the number of vaccinated individuals are, the less the chances of spread or infection will be.

With Eid coming up, the MOH that only those who are COVID-19 vaccinated or recovered – given that they provide proof of recovery – will be able to access certain activities. These include dining indoors, attending sports events, accessing indoor gyms, spas or even going to the cinema – which will be up and running from the first day of Eid.

Keep in mind, Keep in mind, anyone who’s below 18 will still be allowed access to the above, as long as they’re accompanied by a vaccinated parent or guardian.

Stay safe, everyone!

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