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If You’re Due for a Dental Appointment, You Need to Check Out This Spot in Zinj

Taking great care of our hygiene should always be a priority-one, and let’s be honest we get a little lazy from time to time when it comes to our oral health. For this very reason, we have some amazing dental clinics in Bahrain to help keep our mouths fresh and clean in the long run as well, and Unicare Medical and Dental Center is definitely one of those. Here’s why you need to check them out:

One of the most professional care from the most professional team

With more than 35 years of experience, Dr. Amal who is the leading expert of Unicare Medical and Dental Center is providing us with her expertise. They have highly advanced technology for all your dentistry needs. But don’t get overwhelmed with all those heavy equipment cause their friendly ambiance will make you forget about your pain and fear.

And if you have kids that are too stubborn to visit the dentist, don’t worry! They have dentistry for all age groups who can handle them with utmost care and attention, along with special packages for kids including prevention and treatement.

Have you experienced that painful prick in your tooth, and in most cases there is no other fix besides root canal or extraction. And as scary as it sounds, Unicare’s Root Canal under microscope procedure gives you little to no pain. It prevents the infection from spreading and can help save a tooth that may otherwise have to be extracted.

Their prices are unbeatable

From laser dental treatment to full mouth reconstruction & rehabilitation, they have it all. And let’s not even pretend that we all don’t want that Hollywood smile.

Exclusive services that you won’t find anywhere else in Bahrain

Unicare Medical and Dental Center has some specialized facilities and services that you probably won’t be offered anywhere else in the region. They have specialized composite veneers, laser treatment for gums and teeth, and even a special offer for zoom bleaching for just BD 70. Plus, you get special treatment on implants, dentures, bridges, and discounts on home bleaching.

Their state-of-the-art facility will leave you awe-struck

Providing a very comfortable vibe at a dental clinic is a little rare to find. But their highly trained staff makes sure to give you a calm feeling and bring out the confidence in you to never get too worried about visiting the dentist again.

So what are you waiting for? Click HERE to check them out now.