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It’s Going To Be a Star-studded Affair for the Al Dana Amphitheatre’s First Live Concert

Al Dana Amphitheatre

Al Dana Amphitheatre is opening its doors soon, and we absolutely can’t wait! TheAmphitheatre is located alongside Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir. They’ve arranged a whole range of events and attractions for 2021, soon to be announced. This is super exciting and we’re all for such fun destinations!

The Amphitheatre is designed in a way, integrating the desert landscape with state of the art technology to create a unique and incredibly attractive destination for visitors and artists. With both indoor and outdoor spaces, Amphitheatre is set to become the destination of choice for tourists and local visitors. And they are ready to host their first live concert!

Rashed Almajid is going to be the first artist to take the Amphitheatre’s stage on Friday, November 5th! He will be joined by musical maestro Walid Fayed, who will be leading the band.

Who’s all going?

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