Local Artist of the Week: Kaenaat Mahmood

Local Artist of the Week

Art is subjective. But every artist needs to be given credit where credit is due. And Bahrain has no shortage of talented artists specializing in various mediums. So we thought we could shine a spotlight on some of these artists, in a segment called Local Artist of the Week. Our next feature? A member of Art Attack Krew, Kaenaat Mahmood.

Kaenaat Mahmood is an oil and multimedia artist. Let’s take a dive into her mind.

Local Artist of the Week

• Could you give our readers a general introduction about yourselves?
A 21 years old Bahrain-based artist, I Kaenaat Mahmood am a full-time artist. While knowing I wanted to pursue painting from a young age, I began developing my skills right after high school. I have adopted and lived by my motto; dream big and paint away. For me, every painting is a masterpiece in its light. My goal is to keep creating paintings that speak both to me and others. And every day I want to learn something new. I have developed a distinguished voice, which mainly revolves around portraiture. I do not limit myself to one medium, style, or vision. Each painting I create contains a fragment of myself.

• How and Why did you join Art Attack Krew?
I came across Art Attack Krew through social media. And was planning to reach out, but before I could do that. The leader reached out and I got to know more about the small art community he created. And loved the idea of joining and being a part of it.

What’s your background?
I have been drawing and painting since childhood. Right after graduating from high school, I decided to become an artist. I took a mastery art program, studying old master skills and techniques. The program has developed my skills to another level. I now use multiple mediums such as oils, acrylics, pastels as well as many mixed media techniques to achieve my finished piece.

Could you tell us a little about your process? How an idea ultimately becomes a finished piece?
I often find inspiration from different emotions and photography. And then I express them through brushstrokes. It doesn’t matter how the paint is layered, as long as I’m able to tell a story. My subject matter is mainly portraiture. It explores the relationship between surrealism and the abstract.

What wouldn’t you do without?
My oil paints for sure. As I’m an oil painter no other painting medium can satisfy me with the final result as much as oils do.

•What memorable responses have you had to your work?
I remember, one day a fellow artist reached out and was in love with my recent painting. And then the next day her husband contacted me and got it for her. The best feeling is when my artwork speaks to others.

•What role do you think art plays in society?
The ability to bring visions to life truly feels like a gift. Art gives the ability to escape but also gives people to cross voids of communication creatively.

Dream Big and Paint Away

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