Old Is Gold: This Rare 100BD Coin Was Actually a Thing Back in the 70s

A major blast from the past! Did you know that only 40 years ago there was such a thing as a 100 dinar coin in Bahrain? We’re not sure what to think other than we’re kinda super curious to see it…

This coin was distributed in 1978 alongside a 50 dinar coin – imagine that

Redditor “al3abbasi” shared this coin online with the mention that it’s an extremely rare coin. Bahrain doesn’t produce pure gold coins regularly so this is definitely a unique part of currency history in the Kingdom.

According to the post and to another website, the gold coin now is valued at roughly BHD 800. Wow!

There’s also the BHD 50 gold coin currently on eBay for BHD 1,697, if you’re interested in collecting this rare find!

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