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8 Spots in Bahrain With Unique Desserts You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

To really hit that sweet spot

If your sweet tooth is craving a twist… we’ve got you covered. If you’re anything like us, there is no such thing as “enough” when it comes to desserts – especially when we have all these spots around the island creating all these one-of-a-kind concoctions. We’ve gathered some of our faves in a list, scroll to check them out:

Eighty Thirty

This spot in Al A’ali Mall has one of the most beautiful dessert creations we’ve seen. It’s called the Tree Of Life – a concoction of chocolate and custard with a graham cracker base, all topped with a cotton candy “tree.” And here’s the best part: every time you buy one of these babies – a tree gets planted in the Amazon forest!!

Umai Tori

Probably one of the most unique spots around the island – Umai Tori is a Japanese and Asian inspired soft cream and truck that’s serving up super delicious treats. Including these Kuma Waffles that are made fresh every single day!


Both dessert and breakfast in one go – Oak has got this French toast topped with ice-cream and blueberry waffle that we can’t stop raving about!

Cake boutique

We are obsessed with Kunafa & even more obsessed with Cake Boutique’s take on it that involves mango! Can’t think of a better mash-up for Ramadan.


For are you chocoholics – this might be the ultimate dessert! MUH’s Black Tower is a chocolate overload that’ll satisfy your craving and is perfect for the gram.


Milked has been showing off with their dessert game and this latest addition is a shocker! They’ve got a Jalebi (or Zalabiya) latte available this Ramadan and it’s definitely a must-try!


Another dessert with a traditional twist to it – this Chai Haleeb bread pudding is definitely worth a shot & it’s perfect for sharing!


Chocolate chips, people! Like, chocolate covered potato chips. Don’t ask, just order. The flavors are so unique, like the za’atar and coffee coated chips, and we can literally snack on them all day.

Best excuse to binge we’ve found yet!

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