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This Is the New Doner Experience That Tastes as Good as It Looks

Have we just entered doner heaven?

Seems like we have. This gem in Riffa is serving up quality doners and we don’t know how we’ve been sleeping on them for so long. Shreds has got some of the sauciest, most delicious chicken and beef doners in town, and you can even get the doner boxes for a full feast!

They’ve even got some ‘pocket doners’

Which you can also get in either beef or chicken! The name says it all: they are pocket-sized doners, packed with the meaty goods and overflowing with delicious sauces. Respectable sauce game, too – you can pick 2 sauces for any doner order and drown your doners in all the goodness.

But it goes way beyond only doners

Shreds has a full menu of all the doner creations you can imagine, AND appetizers – which they call kickstarters – like our fave classics: Mozzarella bites, cheesy Jalapeno bites and the signature loaded fries!

For all us sweet-tooth addicts, they’ve got us covered with some super yummy churros – the only way to really end a meal.

Get your Shreds ASAP. Today may be a good idea.

Shreds is open from 4pm-1am, click HERE for the location or call them on 17713537!