This Artist Is Creating Super Realistic Paintings Of Bahrain Scenery And The Results Are Stunning

Paintings Of Bahrain Mazen Ghurbal

At first glance, it looks like an image of nature, but then you realize… there’s a PAINTING in the middle of that photo! Bahraini artist Mazen Ghurbal is the talented mastermind behind these incredibly realistic paintings of Bahrain.

Mazen is actually a self-taught artist!

Interestingly enough, Mazen has taught himself everything he knows about art, although he will be taking a minor in fine arts at UOB this year, furthering his knowledge of art.

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The story behind these paintings is Mazen’s fascination with reality, perspectives, and natural lighting which he uses to recreate it on canvas

I always depend on reality because its the truth so its the beauty. Painting outdoors is the absolute reality and beauty, I depend on the sun which is pure light and I depend on nature colors.

LocalBH conversation with Mazen

On what inspires him about outdoor painting:

Having a good ability to capture light and things outdoors in a limited time while the sun moves is the most beautiful thing that always inspires me. It’s not only pigments on my canvas it’s light, its reality.

LocalBH conversation with Mazen

Not only is Mazen capturing Bahrain’s beauty, but also detailing his observations online

The self-taught artist has garnered a huge following on Insta through sharing his beautiful paintings and descriptions.

He will often share his painting experience under his social media posts and has also written an informative piece on art called “Door of knowledge and preciseness in painter’s vision” which you can access here.

Mazen says he shares this info because he wants everyone to know what he means by reality and help out other painters with his knowledge.

Check out more of Mazen’s work here

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