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This Museum Of Art And Personal Collections In Riffa Should Be On Your List Of Places To Explore

Museum Of Art And Personal Collections In Riffa

Museums have evolved over time to make them as interesting for the visitors as possible. With all old artifacts that speak of a country’s heritage and history, there is now an interesting mix to think of interactive ways to engage the people. And the word museum isn’t just associated with the former definition alone.

Museums can also tell something entirely different like the story of an individual and their journey. One such museum has opened up in Bahrain. Masterpiece Museum by Hamad AlKoheji has a variety of collections displaying Hamad’s models out of clay, his personal collections of autographs from celebrities, vintage toys, old music recordings on cassettes and much much more!

An entire model of Hogwarts made by Hamad in 1000 hours and it looks stunning

This life size clay model of Yoda from Star Wars will take your breath away

The precision in the characters of Pink Panther is absolutely unreal

Here are the deets that you need to know

WHAT: Masterpiece Museum
WHERE: Riffa
PRICE: 2BHD/ Can be purchased at the gate

For further details click here to contact them.

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