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This Studio In Bahrain Is A Must Visit For Everyone Who’s Feeling Artistic

Studio Ceramics Bahrain

The history of pottery in Bahrain dates back to at centuries ago. Areas like A’Ali village have a dedicated space where artisans carry out the art form and create beautiful pieces for sale.

Art in general tends to channel your energy to create something beautiful which expresses your unique thoughts along with calming you down. It is the perfect get away from your otherwise mundane routine. Inspired from the ancient art of pottery we now have innovative materials that can be created into vases, plates and so much more and one of them is ceramic. Ceramic art is one of the most fun art forms to learn and practice.

Studio Ceramics is one such unique art ceramic art space that is encouraging people of all age groups and professions to join them for a session of creativity and fun. You can either paint existing ceramics or take a step further in your artsy journey and create one from scratch!

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They are now open and have some really convenient art options to choose from

The options you can avail are:

  1. Booking the entire studio
    You can now choose to book the studio by yourself and and have your very own private sessions. Get your mood pumped up by setting your own playlist in the studio and happy learning!
  2. Ordering home kits
    You can literally choose all the items and colors that you would like and have them delivered to your door step and experiment however you wish to.
  3. Attending online masterclasses
    Virtual classes have ensured that no art form or any work stops in the face of a crisis. With Studio Ceramics you can find an opportunity to have the kit home delivered and get in touch with an instructor virtually who will help you in the best way possible.

Here’s what you need to know

WHAT: Ceramic art studio
WHERE: Abu Saiba

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