This Local Artist Is Colorizing Old Photos Of Bahrain To Bring Them Back To Life

Colorizing Old Photos Of Bahrain

Midwaq Khalid is a local artist in Bahrain that turns photos into unique pieces of digital art and is now working on a new project to appreciate Bahrain’s beauty, history, and culture.

The artist is reviving old Bahraini photos by colorizing them and highlighting their stories so that people can connect to these images

What’s cool about this colorizing project is that Midwaq is taking an intimate approach with the photos by asking people to send in old black and white photos of Bahrain they’d like to see colorized and to share their story about them and their connection to the island. The resulting art will have showcase the story and person behind it!

Old Photos Of Bahrain

Support Midwaq’s art project by DMing old photos here

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