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Shop Local: These Resin Artworks By Bahraini Artists Will Look Great In Your Home

Artworks By Bahraini Artists

Bahrain doesn’t fall short when it comes to art as the island literally has hundreds of talented artists! Usually, we can appreciate these works of art at the Bahrain National Gallery and art exhibitions around the Kingdom, but we’ve had to opt for virtual shows this year due to COVID-19.

However! You don’t need to head to a gallery to see beautiful art pieces when you can own them yourself! Imagine, passing by beautiful locally made art every time you walk through your hallway or come back home, just to be uplifted by the beautiful environment you’ve created for yourself.

Excited yet? Well scroll down below to see some resin art made by some local Bahraini artists that are available to purchase

1. This glittery wall art by Ali Sroor

Crafted In Bahrain is exclusively for resin art products, created beautifully by talented and dedicated artists. From coasters to key chains, they add beauty to simple pieces with the art of resin.


2. These cute customized keychains

Nothing better than some lovely resin key chains that still make for really cute gifts till date!


Ali has also created the first online store for resin supplies in the Kingdom

From molds that can create jewelry to home decor, the artist also owns Art Shift Trading Bahrain which has it all. You can figure out your own path to be a resin artist yourself!

3. This customized jewelry mold

Imagine being able to make your own fancy pieces! The perfect quarantine hobby to take up now, tbh.


4. Silicone molds to design your own art work


5. This gorgeous blue necklace

This artist creates beautiful handmade pieces with resin, like this “heart of ocean” necklace that you could get lost in for hours staring at it!


6. These coasters that come with your intials

Resin artist Batool AlMousawi makes gorgeous coasters, book marks, paintings and more, just one look at her page makes you want to buy ALL the resin!


7. This tray that’ll make any cup of coffee look amazing

This Bahraini resin artist recently started sharing her resin artwork that’s for sale on Instagram and we’re absolutely LIVING for this beautiful tray!


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