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Local X Local: Street Artist Mustafa Halwachi Discusses Art Culture In Bahrain

You’re probably familiar with Mustafa’s work which can be seen all over Bahrain. Step into the Merchant House in downtown Manama and you’ll find colorful pillars in the middle of the lobby stretching stories high decorated in his calligraphy and designs, or head to Bahrain Bay and you’ll find even more of Mustafa’s original art. Walk around Block 338 and you’ll find walls covered in beautiful spray-painted murals one after another.

Basically, it’s not hard to miss this artist’s designs loved by many on this island and appreciated all around the GCC!

On episode 5 of Local X Local, we sit down with Mustafa to discuss his unique art from style to how he got his start in painting outdoors and how he made a career out of it.

We get to learn what his favorite projects were to work on and how a pivotal moment in his life got him focused on creating art more than taking on client projects.

On this show, we like to sit down with exciting guests who are based in Bahrain, following their passions, leading with example, and are true innovators on the island

Mustafa Halwachi is just that, having impacting the lives of many around the region with just the power of visual art and creating a space for emerging artists to explore as well.

Scroll down below to read more on the interview and listen to the entire podcast below.

Mustafa got his start in street art during his school days

It was at school when he got the opportunity to paint outdoors, and although he went on to focus on woodworking and creating beautifully intricate furniture, he knew he had to continue expressing himself in art.

2020 quarantine life got him exploring other forms of design

Although Mustafa says his art making hasn’t been impacted much this year, as he’s always creating, he did explore new realms of design and theme in art!

Listen to the full ‘Local X Local’ podcast below:

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