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Local X Local: Dana Zubari And Hala Zubari Share Their Journey Of Starting Their Brand TruActive

The island is dominating the fashion industry on a global scale with so many talent popping up lately. One such brand is Bahrain’s first activewear venture TruActive, co-owned by the power sister duo Dana Zubari and Hala Zubari.

On this episode of Local X Local, we get into a fun-filled chat with the enterprising sisters and their TRULY ACTIVE life

Dana and Hala are two Bahraini sisters whose energy can fill up an entire room, and we got to ask them all about their recent proud achievements from Hala’s Mount Kilimanjaro climbing experience and Dana’s Cycling Bees and Lettuce Run groups which she gets to share her active lifestyle with other women in Bahrain.

Scroll down below to get to learn more about the Zubari sisters’ TruActive and listen to the episode at the bottom!

Listen to the full ‘Local X Local’ podcast below:

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