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Local X Local: Bahraini Philanthropist Salman Farooq Shares Great Advice For Anyone Looking To Do More In The Community

Meet Salman Farooq, a Bahraini philanthropist whose selfless work won the hearts of many in the community. His involvement in the nonprofit organizations in the kingdom is immense, from cleaning up beaches to rehoming animals and wherever else he can help and has truly inspired many on the island to volunteer as well.

In this episode of Local X Local, our digital talk show, Salman sits down with us *virtually* to discuss his journey through the life of a philanthropist and how his upbringing led to his path through a dominos effect. It was an interesting chat as we found out when and why he started on this path of giving back, and how people can get started.

We love to chat with Bahrain’s most creative and inspiring humans so we are happy Salman was able to join us to join our show!

Scroll down to read more on what we talked about with Salman or you can listen to the podcast below!

On advice to people who think they can’t make a difference

He says it all is done through small changes that lead to making a difference, shared a beautiful anecdote, and advised to not focus on how many you’re reaching, that its just as important to make a difference to just one.

Listen to the full Local X Local episode below:

On using your unique talent or skill to make a difference in your own way

Salman made a great point about this to anyone who feels like they don’t know how to start contributing to the community in a meaningful way; basically, this could be something like if you are a musician or an event organizer, you can set up a fundraiser for a cause, which is what Salman did to get started in Bahrain… threw a fun yard sale!

His work with Clean Up Bahrain, Shared Tanzania, BARC, and more

The man has cleaned up beaches, helped in the rescue of hundreds of animals in the kingdom, and FYI, he’s totally a cat person!

How can people help? Reach out to Salman, Clean Up Bahrain, Bahrain Animal Rescue Centre (BARC) to get involved and keep the non-profits going!

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