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Local X Local: Rapper Flipperachi Revealed The Story Behind The Hit Track ‘Ee La’

Unless you’ve lived under a rock, then you’d be quite familiar with the work that Bahraini rapper Hussam Aseem, otherwise known as Flipperachi, has done. Hits like ‘Ee La‘, ‘Yolo‘ and Shoofha took not just the region by storm but even other parts of the world, which ultimately introduced the fun and creative Bahraini culture we’re all so fond of.

In the very first episode of LocalBH’s digital talk show called Local X Local, Flipperachi joined hosts Shahed and Shereen, to discuss what his early musical influences were, what inspired the creation of the song ‘Ee La’ , new music that will come out of quarantine and his message to the creatives in the GCC.

Local X Local is a new weekly IG live show that will feature the Kingdom’s community of inspiring and creative individuals

Over here at LocalBH, we love to highlight the positive, heartwarming deeds and incredible culture of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and the main part of that is the people. Local X Local aims to inspire and be inspired by the words and wisdom of the creatives of all kinds that thrive here.

So naturally, Flipperachi seemed like one of the great first guests to have; thanks to his prominence in the GCC’s growing rap industry and ultimate repping of the Bahraini culture.

Keep scrolling to read about what was discussed in the first episode or get to the end of this article and listen to the podcast!

Flipperachi’s love of rap started when he was very young…

In fact, he mentioned that old school rappers like Pac and Biggie played a huge role in the admiration he had developed over hip-hop, leading to a lifelong pursuit of having a career with this passion.

Quarantining has been his source of creative inspiration, says the rapper, who revealed that a new set of songs could be released soon

Exciting times are ahead for rap fans in the region!

Listen to the full ‘Local X Local’ podcast below:

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